Tooling and Equipment

Mold Tooling

Mold Tooling
Vacuum Tooling
Custom Manufacturing

AESI is a premier supplier of custom manufactured mold tools, vacuum tooling, fixtures, gauges and assembly equipment.   

Let AESI be a part of your team to make your next project a success.

Check Fixtures

Quality Control
Gauge Check
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Geometric Dimensioning 

Ensuring quality product is key to your success as a manufacturer.   AESI has gauge design and build experts to help you navigate GD&T requirements to make a robust and repeatable gauge.

Assembly Fixtures

Assembly Fixture
Gauge Check
Check Fixture
Vacuum Tooling
Quality Checking

Assembly operations can seem daunting.   AESI engineers turn complicated assembly processes into simple and robust designs and supporting fixtures.

Automation & Equipment

Factory Automation Robot
Automation Equipment
Production Machinery

Automating your process and investing in capital equipment is a big step in improving internal processes.   AESI understands the complexity of the decision and can design & implement our systems to meet your demands.

Trimming Fixtures & Tools

Part Trimming
Trimming Fixture
Accurate Precision

Accurate and repeatable part trimming is import to your process.   AESI has years of experience building robust and ervivable fixtures to meet the demanding tolerances of your industry.

3D Printing

3D Printing

AESI has printing technology to bring products to market quickly. With high tolerance printers, AESI can provide faster, lighter and more accurate subsitiutes to traditionaly machined components.   

Engineering Services

CNC Machining

CNC Machine

With investments in large 3-Axis and 5-Axis mills, AESI can machine complex components with high accuracy.

Let us quote your next large machining job.

CMM Inspection

CMM Inspection

AESI’s large scale CMM allows for large part transitional measurement or reverse engineering.   Installed to allow a full size vehicle to be inspected, AESI’s CMM inspection capabilities can fit almost any need.

Surface Scanning

Laser Scan

AESI has the latest technology to inspect and scan your products.   Whether it is existing fixtures or reverse engineering of products, AESI has the engineering expertise to help meet your goals.

CAD Design

CAD Design

AESI designers bring the design resources and experience to bear on your design challenges.   With manufacturing experience and innovative approaches, AESI designers make simple solutions to complex problems.

CAM Programming

CAM Programmer

AESI programmers stationed in the USA and Vietnam are ready to program for your next job.  With advanced programming & verification software, AESI can ensure a smooth running program.

Low Cost Sourcing

Vietnam Low Cost Machining

AESI helps meet customers' needs for high quality, low cost, quick turn around components.   With our business in Asia, AESI can help you on your next project.

Industries We Serve



AESI has experience tooling & equipment as well as high and low volume production


Aerospace Industry

AESI has experience in both aerospace manufacturing and fixtures

Industrial Automation


AESI can automate your processes - from advanced vision system to welding

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