CMM Inspection

Machines to Meet the Task


 Brown and Sharpe Alpha Image Gantry-Type CMM, 77” x 130” x 58” working envelope with 106” part clearance between gantry columns and 80” part clearance from floor.  - IN HOUSE

Third Party Certification


Gages & parts can be third party certified without leaving the facility.

Inspect to GD&T Requirements


AESI engineers are well versed in GD&T inspection protocols.  


Large Scale Inspection Capability

With the ability to inspect a wide variety of components - both large and small - our in-house CMM allows you to inspect work along the build process.   

Utilizing a partnership with a third party lab, AESI can perform third party inspections on your product without leaving our facility - reducing cost and unnecessary transport

Pictured above a Brown and Sharp Alpha machine with an inspection envelope of 1500mm x 2000mm x 1000mm

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  • Check Fixtures
  • Parts
  • Reverse Engineering


  • Point Inspection
  • Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • GD&T Inspection reporting

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