Our innovative 3D scanning process allows our engineers to move freely around objects to get accurate readings and dynamic information to produce the best results based on specific data.  

With mobile equipment, AESI can scan at our facility or at your location.

Surface Scanning

Machines to Meet the Task


Using state-of-the-art scanning technology by Creaform, AESI can scan a virtually unlimited envelope with astounding accuracy

Reverse Engineer Any Part


With little limitations on part type, AESI can reverse engineer components you may have - even installed in their current application 

Precision Component Inspection


With varying resolution capability, AESI can provide you a report on conformance of the surface of your part to original design intent


Large Scale Scanning Capability

AESI has the ability to scan a virtually infinite size part.   With mobile scanning technology, AESI can reverse engineer or inspect parts of all make-ups and sizes.   Whether you need to check accuracy of an existing assembly or reverse engineer a part, AESI can partner with you to meet your goals - doing the work in your facility or in ours.

Pictured above scanning an AESI 3D printed part

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